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For consumers "Olkom" is a well-known brand of quality food products.  For businessmen "Olkom" is a name of Group of Companies which successfully work in food industry and use brand "Olkom" in promotion of their goods on the market. For managers and employees of the enterprises "Olkom" is an exciting business and competitive battle, way of resolving those publically important tasks that were raised by creator of TM "Olkom", talantive businessman Mr. Oleg Oleksenko.

Trademark "Olkom" is used by Kiev Margarine Plant and Milk Plant of Melitopol "Olkom" (Molokozavod) that produce food products chosen by many Ukrainian families. Kiev Margarine Plant (also known as "margarinka") is popular across the country, especially it's loved by metropolitan customers for very tasty mayonnaise and margarine of high quality.  Milk Plant of Melitopol is better known in the south of Ukraine and seaside resorts, and in industrial centers as the manufacturer of a wide range of dairy products under TM "Molochnaya reka" i TM "Milk river".

The third company using the TM "Olkom" is Melitopol Oil Extraction Plant (abbreviated as MMEZ). It proceeds sunflower seeds cultivated in the southern regions of Ukraine. Thanks to MMEZ companies of the "Country "Olkom" can obtain sunflower oil of the required quality as the oil is the basis for manufacture of mayonnaises and margarines. And finally agricultural raw materials are produced at farms of Zaporozhskaya oblast. Farms partially provide its products both to Molokozavod and to MMEZ that gives more independence compared to competitors.

Nowadays "Olkom" is more than a trademark. "Olkom" is a synonym of commitments and proactive life style. That's why "Olkom" is engaged in public activities and charity, as well as sponsors professional sport. 

There is no doubt that Ukraine has a huge potential in agriculture and food industry. Trademark "Okom" unites those companies that realize the potential, being their first mission. The second not less important mission consists of providing Ukrainian people with tasty, quality and useful products. Such products are manufactured at the enterprises "Olkom".

Best Sellers
"Provansal" is the most famous mayonnaise of Kiev Margarine Plant. It's a real best seller that can be called business card of the enterprise. "Provansal" has fat level of 67 % which is traditional since Soviet times. "Provansal" of TM "Olkom" is the mayonnaise which suits the best salad "Olivier". The taste of "Provansal" keeps being unchanged for ages. It can be said that is a matter of honour of KMZ to preserve the taste and formulation for next generations. Quality and taste of "Provansal" has been highly appraised in all-Ukrainian contests. 
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Refined Sunflower Oil
Refined deodorized and frozen out sunflower oil TM "Olkom" does not lose its properties under the effect of high temperatures, moreover it withstands several heatings without loss of quality. Such result is achieved due to the almost perfect refinement that is carried out on Swedish equipment.
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Margarine "Verskovyi Kyivskyi" (Kiev Cream Margarine)
This margarine of TM "Olkom" contains the highest fat percentage of 72,5. It composes of butter, milk and biological culture. Margarine can be spread on bread, used for frying and as sauce for potatoes and cereals; it has taste and consistency of butter. That's why it's popular among rational people and customers who prefer vegetable fats.    
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Последние новости
Kiev Margarine Plant launched table margarines in the new package: chub. “Vershkovyi Kyivskyi” (Kiev Cream Table Margarine) and “Stolychnyi Kyivskyi” (Kiev Capital Table Margarine) will be packed in chub.
In September the new package of mayonnaise “Olkom” has appeared in main retail chains of Ukraine. 
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