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Irreproachable reputation is our main capital 

Plant for processing of sunflower seeds – private joint-stock company “Melitopolskyi Oliinoekstraktsiinyi Zavod” (“Melitopol Oil Extraction Plant”) (abbreviated as MMEZ) is situated in city Melitopol, 132 km from Zaporozhye. The peculiarity of Melitopol consists in its importance as a subregion city. Comparing to neighboring cities and districts Melitopol is more inhabited, has developed industry and advanced service sector. Melitopol is a local railway and automobile center. Main ways leading to Crimea cross the city.  

The Plant is capable to process 250 t of sunflower seeds per day. Ultimately indicators of work are being constantly improved. MMEZ’s success owed to correctly defined strategy, traditions and irreproachable business reputation.

Strategy of MMEZ can be described by a word “stability”. First of all, we aim to provide stable quality of our products. Secondly, cooperation in the framework of the Group of Companies “Olkom” allows having stable sales inside the country. 

Thirdly, long-term relations with foreign clients guarantee the stable exportation of the products. 

Melitopol Oil Extraction Plant bases its business activity on traditions of professional producers of sunflower and seeds processing companies of the city and the region. These enterprisers started their business at small dairy factories in the end of XIX and had been educated for years in local agriculture Academy. Our company has celebrated its 70th Anniversary in the end of 2004.

However, our main capital is the irreproachable business reputation. Our reputation bases on the principle of absolute guarantee to execute oral and written agreements. Participant of the market are aware that products of MMEZ are not the cheapest, but there is a 100% guarantee to deliver the goods in the determined timelines and at agreed terms. 

Due to the abovementioned we have reliable partners that can conduct future transactions based on our contracts. This brings moral satisfaction, assurance of the future and financial prosperity. 

Our principal long-term goals, that are set by the management and shareholders of MMEZ, are: increase in competiveness of the company; its permanent role in the capacity of the base of the Group of Companies “Olkom”; preserving traditions of manufacture of sunflower oil in region; assistance to improve quality of life in the local community of Melitopol.

It’s impossible to overstress the importance of the Plant for the territorial community. The Plant provides more than 350 workers with the stable employment. MMEZ purchases goods and services from many   local companies and farm house holds, stimulating economic activity in the region. MMEZ regularly supports public events in Melitopol, funds its sport life and is the major tax payer of the city. For employees of MMEZ and its friends there is a new recreation center at Sea of Azov. 

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